03-27TroopTroop Meeting
04-03TroopNo School (Capo)
04-04TroopNo School (Capo)
04-05TroopNo School (Capo)
04-06TroopNo School (Capo)
04-07TroopNo School (Capo)
04-08 -> 04-12TroopSanta Cruz Island Easter trip
04-10TroopNo School (SVUSD)
04-11TroopNo School (SVUSD)
04-12TroopNo School (SVUSD)
04-22TroopWil Schofield's Eagle Project Day 1
11/30 people attending
04-23TroopWil Schofield's Eagle Project Day 2
4 people attending
04-30TroopMichael McAdam Eagle Project Preparation
2/10 scouts attending
05-06TroopMichael McAdam's Eagle Project
16/40 people attending
05-13 -> 05-14TroopMay Sierra Prep
0 people attending
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07-08 -> 07-12TroopSierra B Trek
7/15 people attending
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07-09 -> 07-15TroopCamp Tahquitz Summer Camp
11 people attending
07-16 -> 07-22TroopSierra A Trek (JMT)
3 people attending
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08-04 -> 08-06TroopBig Bear Family Campout
17/40 people attending
08-11 -> 08-14TroopWhite Mountain Peak trek
10 people attending
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Welcome !

Troop 1210 will put emphasis in three areas:

High Adventure in the great outdoors (graded to age and ability)

Advancement in rank towards Eagle Scout

Local/distant community service

The emphasis will be to build young men into Christian leaders of character and responsibility

who will learn to incorporate their Christian faith and Scouting skills into everyday life. 


Posted on Feb 24 2017 - 7:36pm
Please congratulate Joshua Adams and Matthew Pomerleau, Troop 1210's 54th and 55th Eagle Scouts!


Follow the link below to read about and EPIC adventure by Ryan and John through 260+ miles of the John Muir Trail:

Three Troop 1210 Eagle Scouts and a Coach / Scoutmaster are now 2017 CIF Wrestling Champions!

Congratulations to Ryan Halsey, Andrew Herschberg, Josh Parque and Mr. Parque.



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