05-07TroopJosh P Eagle Project
05-09TroopPLC Meeting
05-09TroopTroop Meeting
05-15TroopScout Sunday
05-21 -> 05-22TroopSierra A Prep II Backpacking
05-23TroopPLC Meeting
05-23TroopDeadline to turn in BOR sheets and blue cards for inclusion in the June COH
05-15TroopScout Sunday
9 people attending
05-21 -> 05-22TroopSierra A Prep II Backpacking
18 people attending
Register by May 11, 2016
05-28TroopCPR/AED First Aid Training
11/40 people attending
Register by May 04, 2016
06-04TroopNational Trail Building Day
0 people attending
06-11 -> 06-12TroopSierra B Prep II Backpacking
5 people attending
Register by Jun 01, 2016
07-16TroopClayton K Eagle Project
3/25 people attending
07-17 -> 07-23TroopCamp Whitsett
4 people attending
Register by Jul 09, 2016
07-23 -> 07-30TroopSierra A Trek (50 Miler)
14 people attending
08-07TroopStephen G Eagle Project Prep Day
6/8 scouts attending
08-13TroopStephen G Eagle Project Work Day
23/40 people attending
09-01CommitteeFictitious event
4 people attending
Register by Aug 01, 2016

Welcome !

Troop 1210 will put emphasis in three areas:

High Adventure in the great outdoors (graded to age and ability)

Advancement in rank towards Eagle Scout

Local/distant community service

The emphasis will be to build young men into Christian leaders of character and responsibility

who will learn to incorporate their Christian faith and Scouting skills into everyday life. 


Posted on Apr 3 2016 - 12:18pm
Please congratulate Ben P, Troop 1210's 
46th Eagle Scout!



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